Dr. Sid: Milestone Events, Honors, Awards & Achievements

A brief history of Dr. Sid's life and a chronicle of achievements, publications and milestones.

Dr. Nell: Milestone Events, Honors & Achievements

A brief history of Dr. Nell's life and a chronicle of achievements, publications and milestones.

Life of a Salesman

A brief history of Dr. Sid's life and a chronicle of achievements, publications and milestones.

Dr. Nell K. Williams: Chiropractor of the Year

An icon to professional women, Dr. Nell reveals her life before and after chiropractic and the source of her strength.

Interview with ICA President Sid Williams

During Dr. Sid's ICA presidency in 1982, this 13 page interview (Q&A format) provides a walk down memory lane, a glimpse into the future, and is well worth the read.

Once Upon a Time ...

Inspiration in Action


Sid Williams grew up in Atlanta’s West End and was an only child. Throughout his childhood, his mother insisted on perfection and repeatedly told him that he would one day be the president... He earned the rank of Eagle Scout with bronze and silver palms.

He attended Tech High where he excelled in everything in which he was involved, where football and track were his first loves. Williams' athletic career began in earnest by gaining Football All-State Interscholastic honors in 1944, '45, and '46 as end and quarterback. In track he excelled in the sprints, beating almost everyone in Georgia in head-to-head competition. He was voted class president by the Tech High School student body during his sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Williams felt that sport formed the fabric of character that makes young men and women future leaders of our country. Upon graduation from high school, he was offered scholarships from 12 universities including the United States Naval Academy and West Point.


In 1947 Sid accepted the scholarship from the Georgia Institute of Technology and followed suit with his previous quest for excellence. During his tenure at Georgia Tech, Coach Bobby Dodd was quoted in the Atlanta Journal by stating "Sid Williams is the best end for his size in America" (Pope). During his high school and college years, Williams suffered from migraine headaches of which no solution could be found via the medical route. In 1952 Williams played in the Tech Orange Bowl game.

Additionally, Williams continued his ROTC training while attending Georgia Tech and was promoted to Second Lieutenant in the 179th Field Artillery after completing his senior ROTC training. He served honorably and fulfilled his military obligations.

1952 (cont.)

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Tech in 1951, Sid Williams began working toward a Master’s Degree in Labor Relations. However, having sustained a serious injury playing in the Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt game, Sid lost a great deal of  his athletic abilities, and was sent by Georgia Tech to medical specialists in several states, to no avail.

His father recommended that he see a Chiropractor in Atlanta, which he did. After his first upper cervical adjustment, Sid had such dramatic results that he began to consider Chiropractic as a career. Following this Chiropractic experience, he and his fiancée, Nell Kimbrough, made a momentous decision!


Sid married his college sweetheart Nell Kimbrough in 1953. Nell, who graduated from Lees-McRae College in North Carolina, accompanied her husband to Davenport, Iowa where they both enrolled into Palmer School of Chiropractic.


In 1956 they both earned Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from Palmer School of Chiropractic and soon thereafter moved back to Georgia. . After passing the Georgia board exam and receiving licensure. They opened the first office in Austell, Georgia. Within the short period of time they were seeing 1200-1500 patient visits per week. During this time they began to hold meetings for chiropractors every Tuesday night in their office where chiropractors would come from Georgia and surrounding states.


In 1957 Drs. Sid and Nell, seeing there was a need for chiropractic literature, opened Si-Nel Publishing, a publishing company that was the first of its kind in supplying chiropractors with health tracks and equipment. After seeing a need for chiropractic services in the Black/African American communities, Dr. Sid and Nell established the first Triple H clinics in Atlanta.


During the early 1960s, they continues to see hundreds of patients per weeks. While continued to holding the Tuesday night meetings for chiropractors. They also become very active members of the Georgia Chiropractic Association, where Dr. Sid served many years as Legislative Chairman.


In 1964 Dr. Williams begun holding educational motivation seminars called Dynamic Essentials (DE) with an attendance of eight local chiropractors. The DE seminars grew and soon thereafter lay-people, students, chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and families of chiropractors were in attendance.

Lasting Purpose application was the basis for the seminars as well as the philosophy and the principles professed by B. J. Palmer, which became known as the Life Movement, Life Source, The DE Movement, and Life DE; each being synonymous with Dr. Sid.

In June of 1964 the first meeting of the Life Foundation was held at Mickey’s Restaurant in Mableton, GA with Drs. Sid and Nell and five other local chiropractors in attendance.


In November of 1965 Life Foundation (founded by Drs. Sid and Nell Williams as a chiropractic organization dedicated to the purpose of service, education, and research) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia.

Late 1960's to early 70's

Life And Health tabloid was first published for the purpose of promoting chiropractic and its success stories from patients and celebrities. This publication was made available to chiropractors and could be personalized for individual clinics. It was the first Educational Publication of its kind that was available profession-wide.

In 1966 Todays Chiropractic magazine was first published in newspaper format, where Dr. Sid shared his vision of a City of Life and the Life Chiropractic College projects.

Life Foundation published It’s High Time and Let’s Take a Look at Life and Health as educational booklets. Dr. Sid produced the Radio Ministry of Health audio tapes as public service announcements. As a public service, the Health Mobile was built and funded by Life Foundation as a mobile clinic on wheels – offering free chiropractic services to the public. Funds were raised at the Dynamic Essentials Meetings. In 1970 the IRS granted Life Foundation tax exempt 501-C3 status.


In early 1974 Today’s Chiropractic Magazine requested financial support from its readership for financial support to open Life Chiropractic College. The majority of funding came in the form of pledges and large donations were non-existent. Life Foundation, being the original sponsor of LCC, produced the first brochure for Life Chiropractic College which explained the donation opportunities, projected cost of operation, history and purpose of Life Foundation, The City of Life, and the campaign organization for the opening of LCC.

After several years searching for a location, a property at 1269 Barclay Circle, Marietta GA was leased by Life Foundation. On September 12, 1974 Dr. Sid Williams founded  Life Chiropractic College and was chartered as a Chiropractic Educational Institution. Life Chiropractic College is now known as Life University offering various degrees, including a Master's Degree in Sports Health Science along with the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree offered in Life University's School of Chiropractic, the largest Chiropractic College in the world.


Life Chiropractic College Westwas founded by Dr. Sid E. Williams in San Lorenzo, California when an Educational Alliance between Pacific States Chiropractic College and Life Chiropractic College was formed on March 13, 1981.

1981 - 2002

After Dr. Sid founded Life College in 1974, his vision for chiropractic continued to grow which resulted in Life Foundation and Life University partnering with numerous outreach programs: International mobile unit, Ukraine and Chernobyl, WHO, Legislation In Costa Rica.


Dr. Sid Williams retired in 2002, devoting his time to Dynamic Essentials, Life Foundation, Inc., and writing. He published several books, one of which explained his philosophy, Lasting Purpose, a Mindset for Success, The Road to Success Starts in the Heart, and a book of affirmations for each day of the year Making Lasting Purpose a Way of Life.


In 2004 the Life Foundation expanded its mission to reach out to the community beyond the chiropractic profession in order to promulgate the Lasting Purpose philosophy and lifestyle.


Dr. Sid E. Williams passed away on December 27, 2012, in Marietta, Georgia. A larger-than-life figure, Dr. Sid is forever inextricably tied to Life University, the International Chiropractors Association, and Dynamic Essentials. He perhaps is also one of the last of a generation of chiropractors who fought back against the medicalization of the profession for which he paid a heavy price.


Dr. Nell K. Williams passed away on August 16, 2019. Dr. Nell was widely known for her work at Life University, where she served as Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs for more than a quarter of a century. She is also known for her role as The Mother of Life and First Lady to her late husband Dr. Sid Williams, President and founder of Life College/University.