A Lesson in history


Where it all started

Life Foundation, Inc. an IRS-approved 501-C (3), was founded in 1965 by Drs. Sid and Nell Williams as a nonprofit chiropractic organization dedicated to the purpose of service, education, and research. The history of Life Foundation would not be complete without the awareness of its founder, Dr. Sid Williams. Sid Williams grew up in Atlanta’s West End and was an only child. Throughout his childhood, his mother insisted on perfection and repeatedly told him that he would one day be the president. Ultimately he did hold the presidency of numerous organizations however not the one that his mother had intended. During his primary school years, he became involved with the Boy Scouts of America. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout with bronze and silver palms. The Boy Scout Code of Honor became a motto that would carry forward throughout the rest of his life.

He attended Tech High where he excelled in everything in which he was involved. Upon graduation from high school, he was offered scholarships from 12 universities including the United States Naval Academy and West Point. He accepted the scholarship from the Georgia Institute of Technology and followed suit with his previous quest for excellence. During his tenure at Georgia Tech, Coach Bobby Dodd was quoted in the Atlanta Journal by stating “Sid Williams is the best end for his size in America” (Pope). During his high school and college years, Williams suffered from migraine headaches of which no solution could be found via the medical route. Due to plentiful football injuries over the years and the injuries sustained during the Georgia Tech Orange Bowl game (1952), he turned to chiropractic for his ongoing headaches. The results were unparalleled and his headaches disappeared. Williams was so excited about the results he received after just one upper cervical adjustment (he never had another headache for more than 60 years) that this was the turning point in which he decided to become a chiropractor.