Student Request

Our office hours are 10:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Monday thru Wednesday, and you must have your current college ID on your person.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to fill your request.

Upon completion of your request, we will notify you by email and or phone that your package is ready for pickup.  You will need to pick up your package within 3 weeks after it is ready.

Our inventory is solely based on the donations received from our partners, therefore we ask that you list up to 15 items that you need. Be as specific as possible with sizing and colors (comforters for example). Please be aware that we do not receive donations of computers, electronics, washers/dryers, beds, furniture, appliances, TVs, etc.

College students must possess a valid college ID, have a current class schedule and be enrolled in an approved institution of higher learning which has programs aiming at a certification or degree and have applied for federal funds.

Additionally, qualified students must have completed high school.

Dual-enrolled high school students are not eligible to request funding or goods


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

It is part of Life Foundation's mission to assist college students with items needed in order to make your educational journey a success. The merchandise that is available fluctuates depending on donations received therefore our inventory is always changing.

Generally we have:

  • Various school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, ink pens, crayons, colored markers, binders, etc...
  • Small kitchen items such as cooking tools and small appliances
  • Portable heaters, oscillating fans, humidifiers, etc...
  • Camping and outdoor supplies
  • Small household products such as candles, decorative plaques, decorative frames, seasonal decorations, etc...
  • Small household tools such as electric or battery powered drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, flashlights, etc...
  • Automotive tools such as jumper cables, starter/ jump packs, car washing cloths etc...